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Rigaud - The pink trail

Date of the hike:    Saturday 28 March 2020

Location:                Rigaud

$ Cost:                    0$

Leader:                   Michèle

Sweeper:                Claude

Difficulty level:      Intermediate

(Level of difficulty for hikes)

Length:                   10 km

Ascent:                    +120 m

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On Saturday March 28th, the Ramblers Association invites you to step back in time and be a ''coureur des bois'' also known as a “runner of the woods”. Whether we will wear boots, crampons or snowshoes will depend on trail conditions. The hike will begin at the "Chalet de l'Escapade" on Franciscaines street and will end at the "Sucrerie de la Montagne" on rang St-Georges.

You can go up the mountain at your own pace. When you feel that you have gone far enough, you can just turn around and head back down to the Chalet. The trail is well marked and easy to follow. Those who reach the Sucrerie, will have hiked 5.2 km. It will be another 5.2 to do the return trip to the chalet. We will ensure that everyone gets back safely to the Chalet.

Be sure to have a good breakfast before the hike, that way, you will not run out of energy going up the hill...

Rendezvous at 9 a.m. in the parking of "Chalet de l'Escapade", 15 rue du Boisé des Franciscaines. The hike will begin at 9:10 a.m. The hike duration will depend on your fitness level and on the trail conditions.

After the hike, you are invited to join us for lunch at L'Étoile  de Rigaud.

sign no animals  Please take note that pets are not allowed on hikes.

Members should have their card at each hike. The membership fees have to be paid by check or by Interac.

N.B. Guests are welcome and members are encouraged to invite interested individuals who can participate in our sanctioned activities once for free. Guests must register at After one free event, returning guests will be invited to join the Ramblers Association and pay the annual membership fee. Those people who, after using their free pass want to participate but not join will be obliged to pay $10 per outing.

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NOTICE: Ramblers Association hikes are held rain or shine and will only be cancelled in the case of extreme weather conditions, such as an ice storm or thunderstorms. If a hike is cancelled for these reasons an email will be sent to all members and other people on our mailing list one (1) hour before the event is due to start. This cancellation notice will also appear on our website.




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