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Beaconsfield and Pointe-Claire South

Date of the hike:    Sunday 14 June 2020

Location:                Pointe-Claire

$ Cost:                    $0

Leader:                   Paul Michetti


Difficulty level:      Intermediate

(Level of difficulty for hikes)

Length:                   10 km

Ascent:                    0

Dear Ramblers,

We are glad to finally be back on the trails!

But we will have to respect the following 

Code of Conduct with respect

to Hiking with a group

during the Covid-19 Pandemic

At all times, you must respect the following rules:

  • If you have any symptoms of Covid 19 (fever, cough, cold) you must stay at home and consider getting tested.
  • You must observe basic hygiene protocols – Wash your hands frequently, cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue and avoid touching your face in order to limit the spread of the virus.
  • You must adhere to the physical distancing protocol. Maintain a distance of 2 meters between people and use a face covering or a mask if you cannot maintain the 2m distance.
  • It is best to avoid groups. Hike alone or with others who live in the same household whenever possible. IF you hike as a member of a group, you must maintain the physical distancing protocols (2 m)
  • Always obey the signage – for direction of trails etc.
  • Always bring your hand sanitizer (with no less than 60% alcohol)
  • Sharing of equipment ie trekking poles is not allowed.  You are responsible to bring and carry what you need (ie hydrogel hand sanitizer, trekking poles, sunscreen etc.)
  • Bring and use tissues for sneezing or blowing your nose. Bring a bag to keep your used tissues in. Wash your hands with hand sanitizer after blowing your nose. Bring the bag of used tissues home with you and dispose of them in the garbage.
  • You should arrive at the rendezvous place of the hike in your own vehicle – and ideally only travel with those who are living in the same household.   IF you are carpooling – you may take only one other passenger. You should both wear masks and the passenger must sit in the back seat on the passenger side (diagonally across from the driver.

We reserve the right to exclude any person who does not respect these rules, or anybody who has any kind of flu or cold symptoms.

Please note that we don't accept guests on this hike.

On Sunday June 14th, join the Ramblers for a tour of Pointe-Claire South

We recommend that you wear good walking shoes or boots and bring plenty of drinking water.

Our tour will take us on a route through The Pointe-Claire Village along Bord-du-Lac/Lakeshore then we will continue to Lakeshore Drive in Beaconsfield along the waterfront of Lac-St-Louis before looping north along St-Charles to Beaconsfield Blvd West and eventually back into Pointe-Claire along shared walking/bicycle paths & sidewalks before returning to the parking lot. 

Meet at 9 am for a 9:10 departure.

Starting point will be at the parking lot near the corner of Cartier & Bord-du-Lac/Lakeshore, Pointe-Claire, QC

Meeting Point

We will start the walk heading towards Bourgeau park, St-Joachim church, the Windmill and then we’ll head north on Cartier to Terra Cotta Natural Park before returning to Lakeshore Road and back to the parking lot.

If you plan to join us  on this hike, you have to register on LIST A Beaconsfield and Pointe-Claire South.

sign no animals  Please take note that pets are not allowed on hikes.

Members should have their card at each hike. The membership fees have to be paid by check or by Interac.

N.B. Guests are welcome and members are encouraged to invite interested individuals who can participate in our sanctioned activities once for free. Guests must register at After one free event, returning guests will be invited to join the Ramblers Association and pay the annual membership fee. Those people who, after using their free pass want to participate but not join will be obliged to pay $10 per outing.

All persons who participate in a Ramblers Club activity acknowledge having read, understood and accepted theClub’s policies and waiver, as posted on the website at, and agree to abide by them.

NOTICE: Ramblers Association hikes are held rain or shine and will only be cancelled in the case of extreme weather conditions, such as an ice storm or thunderstorms. If a hike is cancelled for these reasons an email will be sent to all members and other people on our mailing list one (1) hour before the event is due to start. This cancellation notice will also appear on our website.

Code of conduct Covid-19


Par ce beau dimanche ensoleillé, 13 personnes ont participé à cette randonnée semi-urbaine, première randonnée autorisée. Chacun était heureux de marcher en compagnie d'autres membres et les mesures de sécurité ont été bien respectées par le groupe. Même la photo de groupe est prise de plus loin afin d'entrer tout le monde dans le cadre.

Nous avons marché environ pendant 2 h 30 avec de nombreux arrêts pour admirer le lac ou les panneaux signalétiques dans les sections patrimoniales de Pointe-Claire ou Beaconsfield.

À la fin de la randonnée, plusieurs personnes ont décidé d'aller acheter quelque chose à manger et de poursuivre la rencontre en mangeant  ensemble au bord de l'eau.

La température extérieure était d'environ 19 - 20 degrés.

Weather:                            Ensoleillé - beau temps

Temperature:                    19-20 degrés

Number of participants:  13