Participant guidelines

Group Conduct Rules

  • Each participant is responsible for themselves and their equipment. (Including medication, drinking water, appropriate clothing etc.)
  • Each participant must carry the Club identification card at all times and ensure the club has an emergency telephone number and contact on record.
  • Everyone must respect the leader, not pass them nor trail behind the tail leader.
  • Advice a co-hiker if you leave for a nature break, the leader will halt the hike if necessary.
  • Wait for the person who leaves the trail for a nature break.
  • In town and along roads, follow the rules of road safety (walk in single file on the left hand-side of the road facing oncoming traffic)
  • Be considerate of others and of the warning signs of fatigue (redness, shortness of breath, limping, slowing down, silence)
  • Be prepared if need be to stay with an injured or sick person until professional help can be obtained.
  • Follow the route outlined by the leader and do not leave the hike without informing the leader.
  • Carry a record of the leaders cell phone and other emergency numbers.

Procedure to follow if lost

  • Stop and assess when and where the last walker or landmark was seen.
  • Retrace your steps for a short distance.
  • If  lost, stay on the spot in order to facilitate rescue.
  • Listen to the sounds of the forest and try to locate human sounds.
  • Dress appropriately in preparation for a long wait.
  • Use a whistle to attract attention.
  • Use cell phone to contact leader.

Respect of the environment

  • Pack out all garbage and use only biodegradable products.
  • Do not pick or damage any plant, or cut or break tree limbs.
  • Respect the water, flora and wildlife.
  • Dogs are not permitted on Ramblers Association events.

Respect of private property

  • Stay on trails.
  • Respect private property; do not trespass.
  • Park only in a safe and legal place.

Fitness level

  • Make sure to have the physical fitness level required for the event you are attending.

The Ramblers Association is defined in our insurance policy as a club promoting and involved with outdoor activities such as walking, hiking and  snowshoeing our policy coverage does not extend to other outdoor activities such as kayaking, cycling, canoeing, rock climbing wind surfing or other activities of a non pedestrian nature. No activities other than walking , hiking of snowshoeing should be promoted under the name of the Ramblers Association and none will be sanctioned.

Terry Browitt

Update : November 2010

Adapted from : Guide de pratique et d’encadrement sécuritaire d’activités de plein air : randonnée pédestre. Normes, exigences et procédures / Conseil québécois du loisir, 2006.