Ramblers Association

Vice President's Activity Report - AGM 2017

Good evening,

I will now present the report on the club’s activities from the period spanning from October 2016 until the end of September 2017.

I believe that again this year you, the members have been well treated by the diversity and quality of events offered by the club and we are happy to have accomplished our mission.

We offered 26 hikes or snowshoe outings on Sunday mornings plus 14 full day outings on Saturdays and we cannot forget the long weekend of hiking in the Mauricie National Park which attracted 26 members. I am very happy and proud to announce that we have new organizers for next year’s long weekend: Yves, Liliane, Pierre and Odette have taken on the challenge and will bring us to explore Gatineau Park and the surrounding area.

Throughout the year we have also had several bonuses of breakfasts or picnics, pub brunches, a sugar shack visit along with our traditional wine and cheese at Oka.   We are convinced that these types of activities are well received by our members and if we wish to continue to offer them, we need new ideas and the people to make it happen.

The satisfaction of our members is our priority and it appears to be quite high - in fact, we feel it is a good indicator of our success. Your satisfaction is reflected by the attendance at our hikes. Admittedly, attendance does fluctuate with the seasons and the weather but certain hikes have had record attendance - for example those with a guide such as the one at St. Timothee Islands Regional Park last summer. This type of activity is well received by a great number of members and we feel it is worthwhile to offer them from time to time.

We have offered you some new Sunday morning destinations, some a bit further afield at Parc des Rapides de Lasalle or Guindon Park in Cornwall; and sometimes these outings are very original like the Corn maze hike in Lancaster. In general, all have been met with success and members’ appreciation.

During our Saturday outings, we have discovered several places in the Laurentians:  among others, the Lac de l’Appel in Val-des-Lacs, 2 different hikes in Forêt Ouareau, and Parc Dufresne in Val-David. Moving westward, there was a night in a treehouse in Upper Canada Bird Sanctuary, and a hike which ended with the Alight at Night in Upper Canada Village, and  let’s not forget the Luksville Falls near Gatineau. Those who participate on Saturday hikes leave with some nice memories (I’m thinking of the nice hike along the water on the Boucheville Islands) We encourage you to try them!

We are always happy to receive comments and suggestions from our members. For some people we walk too fast and there are others who would prefer that we hike at a faster pace. It appears that the easy and intermediate hikes attract greater attendance by members. In aiming to satisfy our members, we will, when possible, offer a choice of both a fast and a slower group.

For future hikes, the Trail Director Committee has some excellent ideas but we welcome and need your input! The bimonthly Sunday morning hikes, which are the basis of our organization, will continue but we want to expand our horizons with your proposals of new destinations, new types of hikes and new hike leaders.

The monthly full day Saturday hikes will continue and if we have enough volunteers step up to lead a hike, we may be able to add even more hikes to our roster. Some policies have been put into place - for example leaving it up to the discretion of the hike leader to cancel a hike if there are fewer than 8 people registered.

The Trail Director Committee is composed of Hélène Tétrault, Barb Gibb, Dalia Kudzma and myself who explored new possibilities and will continue to do so.

The possibilities for hiking are limitless but we must never forget that our organization is run only by volunteers. At the risk of repeating myself: we need you, your ideas and your involvement.

Anne Bourel

November 2017

Translation by Barb Gibb


President's report - Annual General Meeting 2017 

Ramblers Association AGM - November 22, 2017

Good evening every one and thank you for your presence here tonight

Thank you Anne for your review of our activities this last year and for a job well done.

From my perspective this has been a very strong year, and as Anne has reported our activities are at an all-time high and our event attendance reasonably stable and consistent.  We have a membership of around 80 people and while our participation rate is perhaps falling I feel we have enough potential programs available to turn this around if necessary. As you know the Board decided some time ago, and I believe rightly so that the Associations success would not be measured in the number of members we have but rather the level of participation in our activities.  I believe the Board and leadership have met the goals assigned and have been successful. I have always maintained that the Ramblers Association is not a club for elite athletes, many of those clubs exist; but rather we would appeal to wide range of demographics including people of all ages and varying degrees of physical fitness. When I see the great variety of people who are coming on our hikes I truly believe we have achieved this goal and feedback from our membership indicates this is the case 

All entities however have to concern themselves with their financial heath and we are no different. As you have seen from the presentation of the Financial Statement. this year we  had a loss of close to $300  this even though we had budgeted for  a $600 deficit. Income was much as budgeted but expenses were lower due to reduced spending on equipment and supplies. We did however spent the amount budgeted on Member Services which I believe the members appreciated. It has always been my goal

to establish a cash reserve of around $5000 for emergencies and then run balanced budgets and that is what we will continue to do. I have had very miserable experiences working with not for profit organizations that are underfunded that I do not want to be part of another one.

We have again budgeted a deficit budget which I am not totally comfortable with but feel we have the resources to handle. We are very much in control if our destiny, our largest expenses are Member Services which if need be can be rapidly reduced. This year unlike previous years we forecast no major equipment purchases but forecast $1500 for membership services, which includes our drinks and food for this evening. I see no major concerns on the financial front

One matter does concern me however as a club we continue to be over dependant on the members of the Board for leading our events.  This is an unhealthy situation if for no other reason than many members of the Board, myself as an example have now been doing this for over seven years and sad to say we are not getting any younger. I was unable to hike on a couple of occasions this year because of health reason too. For a club like ours to continue and prosper we need constant innovation in our products and services, namely hikes and outdoor events. And to achieve this we need fresh thinking at the top. This does not happen by chance but by the hard work of our dedicated members and leaders. Sadly too few people are prepared to take the time to discover and formalize new trails.  Please come forward with ideas of hikes and excursions, we will help you develop these ideas into a suitable event and support you on the day. If this doesn't happen your club will certainly weaken or disappear.

I would like to thank the members of the Board for their very hard work and dedication, not just this past 12 months but in many cases for several years now; Anne Bourel who acts as Vice-President taking complete control of everything when I am away as well as organizing the events schedule. Claude Fortier who manages our web-site and helps on trail development, Barb Gibb who is our secretary, keeps the records and also along with her husband Al organizes very innovative and original hikes. Paul Michetti our membership chairman who collects the annual club dues and ensure our members are clearly identified and our membership lists maintained. Also Helene Tetrault and Dalia Kudzma, who along with Anne have has been very active in Trail Development and was instrumental in bringing about our weekend away in last fall.

Thank you all.

I would also like to thank our trail leaders who include not only the Members of The Board of Directors but also;

  • Denise Auclair
  • Andree Bastian
  • Christine Boisvenue
  • Sylvain Cardinal
  • Edith Courchesne
  • Guyanne Charlebois
  • Michèle Coté
  • Al Gibb
  • Patricia Godin
  • Martin Hofton
  • Stephen Kemp
  • Dalia Kudsma
  • Guy Lecuyer
  • Lyse Lessard
  • Ginette Merritt
  • Monique St Onge
  • Ed Sears
  • Marc Tremblay

I should also mention my wife Louise Browitt who manages our accounting system and ensures that everyone gets paid on time

And thanks too to Dalia and Louise for organizing this evening and liaising with the Legion to make it possible

Their work has been much appreciated and as a club we owe them a debt of gratitude

Thank you again for your participation tonight and for your involvement in the Ramblers Association. I hope you will participate to the fullest and that your membership is  very fulfilling.

Please stay around and talk amongst yourselves to see what can be done to improve the association especially will more leaders.

Terry Browitt

November 22, 2017

Terry Browitt, 22 novembre 2017

Financial Statements


Randonneurs associés


Ramblers Association

Budget pour la période du 1er octobre 2016 au 30 septembre 2017

Budget for Period October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017





Frais d'adhésion


2 186,00 $


Membership fees


 $     2 186.00


2 186,00 $


 $  2 186.00

DÉPENSES             EXPENSES          


Objets publicitaires          86,96 $       Signature items      $         86.96  



80,00 $




 $         80.00


Adhésion Association


50,00 $


Association Membership


 $         50.00


Avantages aux membres


1 298,00 $


Members Benefits


 $     1 298.00


Fournitures de bureau


83,87 $


Office Supplies


 $          83.87


Frais bancaires



17,50 $


Banking Charges



 $          17.50




53,07 $




 $          53.07


Frais postaux


77,76 $




 $          77.76


Dépenses du Conseil


131,25 $


Board Expenses


 $        131.25


Site web


583,56 $


Web site


 $        583.56


2 462,95 $


 $  2 462.95

SURPLUS PRÉVU (PERTE)             (276,95 $)    ANTICIPATED          $  ($276.95)
              SURPLUS (LOSS)          
SOLDE EN BANQUE 30 septembre 2016        5400,38 $      September 30, 2016         $   5400.38
  30 septembre 2017        5123,43 $      September 30, 2017        $   5123.43






Louise Browitt, le 12 novembre 2017


Louise Browitt November 12, 2017