Newsletter - Fall 2013

The last few mornings have been chilly and damp a sure indication that summer is almost over and fall is on its way. This particular change of season often is the most dramatic for many people, especially the young it means the start of a new phase in their lives. To others it is a time of sadness as the warm leisure days of summer gives way to cooler mornings and shorter days which eventually lead to the cold of winter.

From my experience the onset of fall is something many hikers look forward to, more comfortable temperature for their activities, no more mosquitoes and the beauty of the iconic Canadian fall colors. Whatever your opinion rest assured that the Ramblers Association will have lots of activities to keep you interested in hiking.

  • Your Association continues to prosper and I believe is meeting or exceeding the expectation of its members. Your Board decided some time ago that our success should not be measured by the number of members we have but more by the satisfaction of the participants which we  find high and will continue to monitor. We are also in a healthy financial situation and have been able over the last year to give economic support to selected events.
  • Nothing gets done in an organization like ours  without a strong group of volunteers and we are fortunate to have such a group. Regrettably two volunteers have stepped down, and I would like to thank Diane Boileau and Caroline O'Conner for their hard work and dedication. I also would like to wish Diane and her husband Glen good success as they relocate and settle into New Brunswick.. We are fortunate that Carole Lalonde and Edith Courchesne have agreed to be members of the Board and I welcome them and wish them well and look forward to working with them.
  • During the summer many of our members have become involved in full day and weekend hikes either on their own or as a part of a FQM activity. An ad hoc  committee has been formed to look into future initiatives for the club such as weekend events, more full day hikes and even hiking holidays, they will report to the Board when they have completed their study and we will keep you informed.
  • As mentioned many activities are planned for the rest of the year. Lets hope that the weather is nice for our Thanksgiving weekend hike when we will take the ferry to Oka and climb to the Calvary peak. This vantage point offers splendid views of the OttawaValley which at that time should be resplendent with fall colours. We will take time to appreciate these panoramic views while socializing and enjoying a glass of wine with bread and cheese. The Association will again pay for the SEPAQ entry fees for participants in this event. No reservation will be necessary but car-pooling is essential as the parking is limited at the ferry terminal.
  • The end of September is the time that many members have to renew their annual fees and notices have been sent out concerning this by Paul Michetti our Membership Director, Prompt payment of your annual dues would be appreciated and will greatly reduce the follow up calls of busy volunteers.
  • One word about safety, on a couple of recent hike the group became split in two with the trailing group losing contact with the leading group. Fortunately the trails lead to the same place and nothing happened. Had this not   been the case hikers could become disoriented or worse injured and left behind. Please remember to always keep the hikers ahead of you in sight. If for some reason, perhaps a particularly slow walker or an injury the group has to split in two the leader should appoint deputy leaders to ensure that all groups have 2 leaders with them.

Enjoy the fall hikes and I look forward to meeting and talking with you on the trails.

Terry Browitt


September 12, 2013