Ramblers Association Newsletter.

September 2012
There is suddenly a refreshing chill in the air as the hot humid days of summer give way to the invigorating climate of autumn. Those hikers who enjoy warm summer days were fortunate this year, I happen to like the hot weather but I know many more prefer the more temperate times of the fall. And they are not alone, September and October are most peoples favorite months for hiking and we will not disappoint you; we have a full slate of events planned.

There will be a number of administration changes coming in the near future. Until now we have been on a calendar year for membership: everyone paid their annual fees which gave them membership rights from October 1st until September 30th.

This will now change and your renewal fees will be due on the anniversary of your initial enrolment date. Everyone will receive an electronic reminder of their renewal date and will be expected to pay within 30 days. Members can pay electronically using Pay Pal or by cheque; more details are given on our website www.lesrara.ca.
Paul Michetti will be managing our renewal program and will be aided by Caroline O'Connor and Karine Denis in monitoring membership and registration at the events  

We now have 114 members and an average of around 30 people at our Sunday morning events and while this growth is welcome it is putting some strain on the Board and our volunteers. The larger the group on a hike the greater the chance they will get lost or separate into two.
We are looking for volunteers in all areas but to specifically help with the hikes. We will establish a new position of Assistant Leader who will not be responsible for organizing and physically leading a hike but will help ensure the group stays together and no one gets lost. Ideally I believe we need one Leader or Assistant Leader for every 10 -12 hikers depending on the route. If you are interested in becoming an Assistant Leader please let me know.  Always remember when you are hiking to keeps the hikers ahead of you in sight. 

As an organization we only communicate electronically, so please let us know if you change your email address.

To reduce the amount of driving and to encourage car-pooling we intend to establish rendezvous points in the West Island and other points especially then the hike is not in Hudson or St Lazare, please check the event notice email you receive for their location.

The Ramblers Association Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held in St Lazare on October 24 2012. This is the time the Board presents its annual report, financial statements for 2012 and budget for 2013. It is at this time that the membership elects the members of the Board of Directors for the Association. Formal notices will be sent out 14 days ahead of this event and at the same time a call for nominations. This is an opportunity for the members at large to express their opinions and your participation and input is very important. 
Enjoy the balance of the summer and I think we have spectacular hikes to look forward to for the balance of the year.
I look forward to hiking and talking with you on the trail.
Terry Browitt
August 21, 2012