Spring Newsletter, 2012

As in previous years the Ramblers Association smoothly made the change from winter to summer activities. I always consider the mid April hike on Mont Rigaud the transition between seasons and while the sun didn’t shine today the temperature was 10c, the trail was dry in most parts and unlike last year there were neither icy patches nor snow to contend with.
So as far as this club is concerned I think we can say the cold weather is behind us and we have warm sunny days to look forward too. Not that winter conditions were a hindrance to most of our members as we continued with a full slate of activities actually broadening them to include more snowshoeing events. 
While our bi-weekly Sunday morning outings continue to be concentrated in the Hudson-St Lazare area we have ventured further afield visiting St Barnard Park near Chateauguay, St Eugene in Ontario and the Morgan Arboretum. Our full day monthly Saturday hikes have included Mount Royal Park in the centre of Montréal, Mount Kaaikop on the Laurentian’s and events to coincide with the annual snow shoe festival.
We also worked with the Town of Hudson during their annual Shiverfest Carnival and organised the hike across the frozen Lake of Two Mountains to Oka. In a behind-the-scenes role members of the Ramblers Association Board of Directors have been actively involved with the Councils and Administrations of both the Town of Hudson and the Town of St Lazare to protect the interests of hikers and to increase the public trail system in the area.
We now have around 100 members and that, along with the 42 people who participated in our hike today indicate we are doing what the members want and we look forward to a full schedule of events during 2012.
Included in these events will be our semi-annual ferry ride and ascent to the sanctuary in Oka Park where we will have our usual libations’ which our insurance company says I can’t talk about.
We have more events planned for the Laurentian’s and the area around Montebello. We are also considering having a night hike when there is a full moon with a commentary from one of our members who is an astronomer. 
All this activity however does not come without its own issues and challenges. A larger number of participants mean we need more leaders at each event perhaps 3 instead of 2; we need more people to help with the registration, verify membership and collect fees. Help is needed too in accounting, secretarial work, membership data, publicity and of course exploring and discovering new trails for the club.
None of these tasks are onerous especially if shared but sadly a number of our volunteers have now been involved for 4 years or more and have asked to retire, so not only do we have to replace them but add more to the list of available people. If you are interested in becoming involved please contact me by telephone at 450 458 7131 or email at //lesrara.ca/cms/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." data-mce-href=" This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Let us not forget that the Ramblers Association is a participatory club where everyone is expected to contribute their share of effort to ensure the success and the continuation of the organisation.
Good hiking and I look forward seeing you on the trails
Terry Browitt
April 15, 2012