Newsletter - May 2011

The calendar clearly states that we are in spring although the weather of late hasn’t been behaving very spring like. Fortunately the Ramblers Association doesn’t need clement weather to operate. All winter, through fall rain storms, crystal clear but bitterly cold mornings and the odd snow squall  we continues our activities not missing a beat. And we appear to be doing what people want as we now have over 70 members and 35 people participated in a recent Sunday morning hike.

A questionnaire will be send to all members and others who have shown interest in our activities to allow the Board of Directors to have some feel for how we are performing and to make sure that we are offering the members what they want as far as the timing and duration of our hikes is concerned. I ask that everyone that receives this questionnaire complete it as promptly as possible and return as directed.

We have been asked to consider a number of new initiatives which include Saturday morning hikes as well as getting involved with the Town of Hudson in developing guided walking tours of the town. Our response on all of these matters will depend on the feed-back we get from the survey.

One thing we realise already though is that we are desperately short of volunteers and we will not be able to increase our program of activities unless more people come forward to share the work load by helping to devise new routes for our hikes as well as assisting with the leadership and management of these events.

If you are interested in being involved in any way at all please contact me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I would be remiss at this time if I didn’t recognise the hard work of Claude Fortier in scheduling the various hikes and Anne Bourel and Rosalie Shewchuk for their administrative leadership and the rest of the Board of Directors, thank you all.

We have an interesting schedule of events planned. On May 15th we will meet at The Willow Place Inn and hike via the Hudson-Oka ferry to the Calvary summit in Oka Provincial Park where we will continue the tradition started last year of pausing to appreciate the view of the Ottawa Valley and Vaudreuil-Soulanges while participating in a Cheese and “beverage of your choice” social event. We are very fortunate that the management at The Willow Place Inn granted permission for us to use their parking lot and I encourage all hikers to visit the bars and restaurants in the charming Hudson establishment.

On May 29th Martin Hofton will lead a walk through rural Eastern Ontario a picturesque and interesting area which is very close to where we all live.

Thank you for your interest in our association and I look forward to hearing from you with any thoughts or ideas you may have.

I am looking forward to seeing you on the trails

Terry Browitt