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MAY 2010

The division of the Sentiers Vaudreuil-Soulange into two separate and distinct groups is now complete. The Ramblers Association is now a registered entity with a functioning Board of Directors, a set of By-Laws, bank accounts and adequate operating funds.

Your Board has decided at this time not to aggressively seek new members feeling that organising and running events that are well run, interesting and challenging for a small satisfied group of dedicated hikers is a better measure of our success than just striving to have a large number of members. This will also give us the opportunity to develop our skills and to train trail leaders for eventual expansion if it is so desired.

The Board also decided to change the fiscal year from one that ends on June 30th to one ending on September  30th which will coincide with the membership year. This will simplify matters and reduce administration and paper work. The incumbent Directors have agreed to stay until at least the next AGM at which time election will be held. The AGM meeting will be held in mid October 2010.

The really great news though is the launch of our web site which has been accomplished by the hard work and dedication of Claude Fortier. You can access The Ramblers Association website by typing into the URL bar:


This is still a work in progress but will make it much easier to communicate our activities with our members. Again thanks Claude.

During the month of May we will be conducting a survey amongst our members to measure their satisfaction with the club and to solicit ideas for hiking destinations and other events. Please participate in this activity to give the Board a better idea of the member’s needs.

We have hiking activities planned for every second Sunday through until the end of August at this time and we are considering experimenting with other events such as a full day hiking outing on a Saturday in the between weekend. Keep a look out in your computer mail box for details about these events and many others or check at http://www.lesrara.ca

Enjoy the spring weather.

Happy Hiking

Terry Browitt