Newsletter    August 2010.

The hot and humid days of July have been somewhat of a challenge to hikers but no more than the cold and bluster ones of January and I personally enjoy the diversity of the Canadian weather and look forward to all the seasons as I am sure most hikers do.

We continue to have a full slate of biweekly hikes and a complete schedule well into the fall thanks to the capable organisation of Gaetan Allard and the commitment of the leaders.

It was decided in May to send out a survey to canvas our members and other interested people as to their opinion of the club’s activities and their interest in other possible events.

We received replies from 17 people, all members from a total membership of 68, representing a return of 25%. From my experience this can be considered as satisfactory for such a survey and gives a good sample of the opinion of the members.

The following are the conclusion we made from the data:

  1. Many people were interested in Saturday hikes but not locally and not at a faster pace. There was strong interest: 70% of respondents for a full day Saturday hike.
  2. A majority of people like the concept of going for breakfast after the hike and while the opinion on the frequency was fairly even most opted for every 4 weeks.
  3. A large number of respondents: 87% were in favour of the concept of occasionally stopping at a suitable place for lunch or wine and cheese.
  4. There was minimal interest in other non hiking activities and this idea will be dropped until a specific opportunity arises
  5. 66% of our members visit our website: www.lesrara.ca and everyone commented that it meets their needs
  6. There was no interest at this time in signature items.

These results were discussed at the last Board of Directors meeting and will be taken into consideration in planning future events and club policy. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to this survey.

We have already taken action on one of these recommendations. A full day hike has been scheduled for Saturday August 14th leaving Hudson at 8:00 for a 17 km hike on the P’tit Train du Nord starting at Mont Roland station in Ste Adele. Everyone will be emailed details of this event at the beginning of August.

Our biweekly events continue and while you will receive an email announcing each one you can always go to our website: www.lesrara.ca for up to date information about the club, future events and photos and reports about earlier hikes. Everyone seems pleased with this website and it continues to get better and better thanks to the hard work of our webmaster Claude Fortier with assistance from the club secretary/treasure Anne Bourel.

Our fiscal year end and membership renewal date is September 30th and while that is still some time in the future your Board still has to start planning. I am please to announce the Christine Moore has agreed to become a board member. Her comprehensive knowledge of the local trail network and her leadership skills will be a great asset and I look forward to working with her. Three other board members have sadly indicated however that they will not be returning next year and a search has begun to find replacements. Gaetan Allard has agreed to chair a nominating committee to ensure we have a full slate of candidates to present to the members at the AGM. If you are interested in serving and we can create a position to match your interest and availability please contact Gaetan at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or me for more information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The AGM has been schedule for Tuesday October 5, 2010 at a place as yet to be determined, but please mark your calendars accordingly.

September 30, 2010 will also be a time to renew your membership, fees will remain the same as last year and all members will be expected to have their 2010-2011 membership badges on the first hike in October or pay the appropriate guest fee.

To make it easy for everyone to pay the September 5th hike we end at an appropriate place for a wine a cheese interlude and Rosalie Shewchuk, our Membership Director will be on hand to expedite the process.

Before I finish I would be remiss if I did not thank those people who work so diligently to ensure the smooth running of the club, be they Directors, trail guides, assistants or just general helpers. Thank you, the Ramblers Association would not function without your contribution.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and I look forward to seeing you on the hiking trail

Terry Browitt