I consent to giving my hiking club Les Randonneurs associés - The Ramblers’ Association the right to share my personal information (surname, first name, date of birth, email address *) with Rando Québec in order to complete my membership process for my club.

I agree to absolve the Ramblers Association and its organizers from all blame for injury, misadventure, harm, loss or inconvenience suffered by myself or any members of my family as a result of taking part in any club activities and I waive any claims or rights of action against same.

I am aware of the club's code of conduct located on the website www.lesrara.ca and agree to abide by it.

I hereby authorize the Ramblers Association and/or its members to use the photos taken during a regular or special activity, with a camera, a video camera or a digital camera, for the promotion of its various activities and publications, and I waive any right to ownership possession or compensation for any use of this material.  I waive any right to these photographs and authorize the publication by the Ramblers Association, whether my name is mentioned or not.