Ramblers Association


Procedure in case of emergency

  • There will always be two (2) leaders participating in any hike
  • All Ramblers Association leaders are expected to carry a functioning cell phone and an emergency hiking first aid kit containing an emergency blanket and matches or a lighter.
  • In the event of an accident or emergency the leaders are to make the victim as comfortable as possible.
  • In case of suspected back injury the victim should not be moved except to distance from further impending danger.
  • All help possible should be given to the victim, but no one should perform procedures or give medication beyond their professional competence
  • The victim should be kept as warm as possible using the first aid kit emergency/survival blanket and any spare clothing from other hikers if necessary. If the victim is suffering from hyperthermia, remove appropriate clothing at once.
  • The two leaders should then determine their location and the nearest point of access for an ambulance. If possible exact GPS coordinates should be supplied.
  • One leader should then contact Urgence Santé by calling 911 and give them all the details they require.
  • If on MountRigaud or in St-Lazare call 911 for help and advise them to contact the local fire department for help in transporting the patient.
  • One leader, if possible with another hiker, proceeds to the anticipated ambulance arrival place and waits to guide the medical personnel back to the accident site.
  • The other leader, if possible with another hiker stays with the victim until the medical personnel arrive.
  • A leader should then contact the victim’s friends or family using the emergency phone number listed on their Ramblers Association ID/Membership card
  • The responsibility of the Ramblers Association leader ends with the arrival of the emergency medical team or police
  • The 2 leaders jointly submit a report to the company that carries the liability insurance for Ramblers Association copying all members of the Ramblers Association Board of Directors

Terry Browitt,

The Ramblers Association,

December 6, 2016