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Who are we?

The Ramblers Association

The Ramblers Association if for people who like the out doors; for people who like to walk and hike and snowshoe in the winter, for people who enjoy a walk across a frozen lake on a cold winter’s morning or a hike through a grove of maple trees at the beginning of October for people, who can find as much pleasure strolling along a rural country road as they can scrambling down a gully in a thick forest.

A non-profit organisation, the Ramblers Association is a volunteer group whose members organise outdoor activities on a year round basis appropriate to the season and meeting the physical ability of the participants.

Affiliated with the Fédération québécoise de la marche, the club is registered with Quebec Enterprise Register (1166637745)

The Ramblers Association offers physical exercise, fresh air and camaraderie.

Join as a family or, provided you are 18 as an individual and experience the pleasures of the scenery in the area we all inhabit while at the same time making new friends.

For more information, contact:

Board of Directors and Specialists