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If you want to do a test hike, please send a message to : to let us know that you are comming.

To come with us on a hike you must accept the following waiver:

Waiver :

I agree to absolve the Ramblers Association and its organizers from all blame for injury, misadventure, harm, loss or inconvenience suffered by myself or any members of my family as a result of taking part in any club activities and I waive any claims or rights of action against same. I am aware of the club code of conduct located on the website and agree to abide by it. I hereby authorize the Ramblers Association and/or its members to use the photos taken during a regular or special activity, with a camera, a video camera or a digital camera, for the promotion of its various activities and publications, and I waive any right to ownership possession or compensation for any use of this material.  I waive any right to these photographs and authorize the publication by the Ramblers Association, whether my name is mentioned or not.


If you get an error message during the electronic registration, it is most likely because we already have your email address in our data base. If this happens please send  an email to stating your problem. We will then delete your email address from our data base and you will be able to start a new registration. 


Membership can be paid by cheque or electronically.  No cash will be accepted to pay a new membership or a renewal.
Payment by Cheque: Please make the cheque payable to: The Ramblers Association and mailed to:
Ramblers Association
c/o 17 Westwood Avenue
Pointe-Claire, QC 
H9S 4Y6


Electronic Payment:  Please select Membership Type and click on the “Pay Now” button.
Membership type


To find out your membership renewal date please send an email including your full name 
A reply will be sent to you as soon as possible.


Only returning guests who do not want to join the club will be allowed to pay the $10 fee cash.