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2012-04-15 L'Escapade on Mont-Rigaud: le Petit-carré _ Report

The weather was mild, 10c dry but overcast at the start of this hike and did not clear at all. The trail base was excellent, muddy in a few isolated but easily bypassed placed and unlike last year there was no ice or snow cover to contend with.
42 people were present, perhaps the highest attendance ever with many new people and several who had tried the club out as a free guest and now returned to pay and participate fully.  A group of 5 people who wanted to go faster left the main group early on in the hike but the majority stayed together and commented that the pace was very acceptable.
We started at 9:10 and finished just before noon. Several people went to the Hudson Inn for breakfast after the hike.
There were no untoward incidents and most people seemed to enjoy the day. 
The parking lot used on La Foulée du cerf just north of Chemin St Georges is inadequate for a group this size and perhaps the one on Montée Neuve north of the trail Le Haut-Lieu or the road Cabot at the end of L’Envolée du Castor should be considered
Terry Browitt